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    This is downloadable edition. As the software is installed on your own server you need a web server with ioncube loaders installed.Free ree 3 months support and upgrades included.

    Product Pricing
    Options Price Recurring Price Purchase
    AMS Standard(unlimited
    members) - single domain
    $149.00 USD -
    AMS Premium(unlimited members)
    - upto 3 domains install
    $249.00 USD -
    AMS Ultimate(unlimited
    members) - unlimited domains
    install(We may ask to provide
    proof of ownership of domains)
    $599.00 USD -
    Available Addons
    Options Price Recurring Price Purchase
    Footer Copyright Removal -
    AwebDesk Membership Software
    Footer Powered by Removal
    $49.00 USD -
    Professional Installation -
    Professional Installation
    $49.00 USD -
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